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I can never say that vt will drift from my daily routine. I will stay as usual. I don't know how active I will be, but as active as allways I'm sure. Vt has really helped me, I don't ignore that. It has suffered some losses, but its still vt. I'm glad that we are trying to get over this, and I hope it doesnt hurt VT too much. After all, its helped even those who have left. you know I'm here to help if you need anything Josh. Its time to organize this site, and make it more appealing to members.

O.K. Josh, you wanted help, here it is, and god forbid you ignore this.

what vt needs:

two mods for puberty forum
two mods for TWPR
one mod for relationship forum
one mod for the debate forum
one mod for cutting
one mod for depression
one mod for drug abuse
one mod for eating disorders
four global mods
a mod conference forum
a set of mod guiedlines
a set of member rules
an FAQ for how the site runs

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