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Originally Posted by Jono
Moving to Debates.

Should it be merged with the gay thread there?
no that is more gay marriage (should not be discussed on this topic, only on the sticky topic)

i do feel it is. like just for example, and this may be a bit off topic (but im mod!!) anyhoo, i was going through as Chav-like estate to my cousins house (they arent chavs), and i would sware i seen two girls kissing each other, and in that area i wouldnt be suprised. what i am saying, people seen to accept lesbians, but not gay men. for example, there were two lesbians in ireland (they were in their 40's or 50's) and they went to the high court looking for the right for them to be counted as a couple in the eyes of the revenue commision (the tax office), and they had the support of the public. now, from how i know ireland, if they were two gay men, it would be totally different.

in conclusion, everyone seems to accept lesbians, IMO, and they think gays aren't human

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