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Originally Posted by Church View Post
I believe in a God, but God doesn't conform to a single religion, as in God isn't how Christians or Muslims etc. define him/her.

I also believe in a Heaven like place after death but not a hell.
You do not believe in Hell and yet you believe in all the other Bible content? Are you saying that the Bible is incorrect (in certain places) since it is wrong about hell? Do evil psychopaths go to Heaven? How can you even begin to prove (proof should come before disproof otherwise you could say that any crap is true and there's nothing you can do about it) that everything happens due to an invisible man in some undefined location in the sky?

Originally Posted by Wayvrn View Post
Well, people are just scared of death to be honest, people join cults/religious views because they need closure and think they'll go to a "happy" place when they're dead, it's short and simple but true.
Absolutely right. People cannot face up to the fact that they wither and die and so their life must come to an end. They have to pretend that there is some afterlife that's better than Earth. One thing though Christians, why can't you just kill yourself and get to this paradice sooner? Why do you avoid death? Is Heaven not better? Does Heaven not ven exist (since no evidence (if religion 'doesn't need evidence', then that only goes to show how far-fetched it all is) supports its existance).

Originally Posted by T-7089 View Post
Its the fact that people are changing there beliefs, which are plainly written, for convenience to fit with the times. And that is not right IMO.
This is also true; they can't keep their story straight. One example I remember is the fight with that pathetic giant (I think it was Goliath) who does not know how to fight and this boy or man (I believe his name was David) who had a sling. In RE (ages ago), I learned that as far as some random fiction novel full of bad morals written 2000 years ago was concerned, a stone was flung towards Goliath and rendered him unconcious. David then proceeded to steal his sword and decapitate the giant.

However, I learned from this sad club I went to (later on but still ages ago) that David origionally had a lot of armour and weapons (wheras the first time he never did) but he got rid of them because it encumbered him. Also, in the fight, the stone shot killed Goliath instantly. This is an example of where Christianity can't keep its story straight and goes to show how made up it all is.

Originally Posted by ocguy View Post
I am Catholic.
Congratulations on believing everyting you were told as an infant. Am I even remotely convinced that Catholism is correct from your 'argument'? Not in the slightest.

Originally Posted by Truth View Post
People should be able to believe whatever they want, whether they praise a statue, person, god, or follow a book.
That may be so, and I agree with this, but we should also be allowed to debate this (like here for instance for obvious reasons).

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
Perhaps the entire argument [the death penalty] can be summarised in just a sentence.

We kill people who kill people to show others that killing is wrong.
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