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Originally Posted by ScotsGirl
If you decide not to tell her, then make sure its not because you want to hide it from or or that youre scared of how she will react, do it because you dont want to hurt her uneccessarily, because you want to put the past behind you and really give the relationship a go, you know its a mistake and it wont happen again.
That's exactly why I don't wanna tell her. I don't think I need a break from dating - it's only been a month and a half. I still wanna go out with her. I talked to her the other day about the way she's been acting and she told me she didn't realise i felt like that and she does rly rly rly like me. I haven't seen her since though.

It's definately worth giving it a go coz we got loads in common and she means a lot to me. I can see this havin a future but not if she's gonna be acting the way she was.

But thanks a lot lynnie babe and every1 else.
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