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Originally Posted by samsimpleasthat View Post
can masturbation slow down or compress puberty. Cos i started masturbating at about 12 and my penis hasn't grown since then :S so it is 1.5-2 inch soft and 3.5-4 erect and I am 16.

It's kinda worrying cos i am the only 16 year old who is still friggin undeveloped where the sun don't shine.
I agree with the post above, and masturbation has absolutely no affect upon your penis size or penile growth. The only thing that affects your growth in general is a good diet (, staying away from drugs and alcohol, and your overall genetics. My guess is that you started puberty around 13, and you still have time to grow. It is not like your penis is tiny, and believe it or not having a large penis really can be annoying for a lot of reason. If you ask me your current penis size is perfect, and you definitely will make girls comfortable with it as those monster sized penises can be scary. Also, keep in mind that folks are evaluated as a package, and I am sure you look fine everywhere else, and you cannot place your entire self worth just on one appendage of your body which practically no one will see except for times of intimacy and possibly public showers.
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