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Originally Posted by Death View Post
Really? I had heard some awful things about islam but never that bad! Suppose you could say similar stuff about other religions including christianity though since the 'holy' texts urge you to kill homosexuals along with many other good people including non-christians although people hardly ever actually put that into practice.
People don't always put that into place because it's an interpretation and you're taking a more literal interpretation of it.

Originally Posted by YourFriend View Post
I am an atheist and i have something against Muslims because they hang gays.
You hate Muslims just because of one thing? Religions are created by humans, humans are a far cry from perfection, so it is reasonable to assume that something humans make will be a far cry from perfection also. I just find it rather odd that you may hate on group for one thing only.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
By the way, I've found a rather nice video (yes, another one) that tells an important story (I find that this links into religion quite a lot - I think you'll want to see this one):

EDIT: Strange, this particular video doesn't seem to be working. I'll just give a link then.
Oh, and the George Carlin one is always very nice to view as is Richard Dawkins . (I'll edit this post once I view the other video).

EDIT: Death's video I found to be wonderful. It removes unnecessary fancy babble from each person and brings it down to a nice and simple analogy: a cupboard.

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