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Originally Posted by redcar
in the bible it says that only married man and woman should have sex and only in the missionary position. so what happens to all of us that have sex outside marriage, in the wrong position or with the same sex? do we all go to hell....
I don't think its anyone's place to tell anyone else what they should or should not do. Religion is and should be a deeply personal and private issue.

If one person is a committed Christian, then they should feel free to follow what they believe in. However, they should not impose their views on others. The reverse is also true.

I'm an atheist. I don't believe in an afterlife either. But I don't go preaching to others what I think of the Bible or Christianity. You are more than welcome to have your own faith, and what religion you are has absolutely nothing to do with me. I have no right whatsoever to dictate to you what you can and can't believe. Just as long as you return the favour to me.

If you, as a Christian, don't follow the word of the Bible, then it is not the end of the world. Remember that many Christian scholars have different interpretations on what the Bible says. Some bits of it are totally brutal... read the book of Exodus, for example. The Bible is not clear cut on most issues; some people still aren't happy about there being women priests. And that gay bishop in New Hampshire? How can some Christians say this is allowed in the Bible and others disagree?

The answer is as I said: the Bible is not clear cut.

Only you can decide whether you will be punished or not. Whatever way you decide, then everyone should fully respect your right to choose that way, since it is none of their business.
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