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Well the way I see it sex is an extremly important part of a relationship right? I saw this on The Ozbournes once Sharron wants Jack to have sex befor he gets married she dosn't agree that you should have to wait till you get married then she gave a really good reason as to why; wouldn't you wanna know what your partner is like in bed befor getting married, they might be into somthing your not like dominatrix or vice versa (she went into more detail but I'm gettin an eye ache and the screens startin ta bug me). So ya I wanna have sex with my gf befor getting married definatly!......To be honest I don't really even see the point in marrige, I'm not religous, all getting married really is, is a little metal band around your finger.....I mean....Who cares.

As far a positions I won't stick to just missionary, that's unfair to both you and your partner, either or both of you might much prefur a diffrent one, you only live once, it's your life, live it by your own code not by a book.

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