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I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, and believe me I've thought about this Thomas. And since this was only related to gays, I did not touch on heterosexual public affection. I do not think that any affection really should be shown around children, except for parents (not sex or anything like that, I just mean kissing). Children do not need to see people kissing. They may be just like me and look away to give them a feeling of privacy. I honestly don't care about gay's making public affection, I just look the other way and feel a little disgusted. That's just me. Maybe gay's look away when they see guys and girls kiss in disgust, or maybe girls kissing, I don't know.

I really think I sound a lot more offending than I am trying to be. I'm just telling you how I react. I don't think gays are bad or unacceptable, but kissing another guy is disgusting in my opinion. Maybe not yours. Call me a jerk if you want, but that's my opinion. He asked for it and got it.