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I am 14 years old.

2 days ago my father was kinda drunk. He asked me to come to his room for a small chat. When we got into his room.. He started telling me to talk to him as a freind. He was asking all those weird questions, like if i liked anyone and stuff like that. Then he went to his past and was telling me that he used to fuck at my age and whatever. I started getting uncomfortable and was curious on how his dick looked like, (mine hadnt or just started growing in length) and ive read that there is a big change that your dick would look like your fathers. So i suddenly asked him if i could see his, and he showed it to me with no questions. It was about 1-1.5 inches, but i wanted to see it erect. But was too shy to ask or anything to that. Then he started telling me that size doesnt matter because i think he knew what i was feeling.
(oh and my father is 56)
Then the next day i was in his room and saw some lubricant, condoms, and viagra in his drawers.

So my questions are:

What is the average penis size erect for a 1-1.5 inch dick non erect?
Does a penis decreece in size while growing in life?
Does viagra only make the dick bigger? if not what else could it do ?
What are the odds for my dick to be the same as my father?
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