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Default Re: Depressed about sexual confusion

i know what your goin through
i have sexual confusion to, i remember talking to my bisexual friend(girl) and she started talkin about a guy giving me head and i grew uncomfortable, then i talked to girls dirty and even talking about kissing my friend lauren turns me on, her lips just get me so squichy and well shaped, i have been in love with women, but as a child i expirimented with men and the guy i expirimented with still had some sexual attraction, i went through a phase where i found large lips on men attractive and imagined recieving oral from them, i just liked big lips and some of the guys around me happened to have huge ones, probly wouldnt have if theyh werent, i fantasized about having sex with a monkey and for a long time a little girl, but always got bashful and grew crushes on girls never really guys, well occasionallly a man crush but thats just something you develop on almost anything your very very close to, shit i even fucked my stuffed animals, i think most men go threw this, its almost a right of passage in sexuality, im not sure if im straight, i may be or i may be bi or i may be gay, there are people who are homo and then turn out straight, there really is no pattern kid, just enjoy what you wanna enjoy now and know in all likelihood you will come out the other end either straight or bisexual, and if you are bi you will probly lead towards women, so that means the good news is, bum da da dummm, you can choose to only pursue your attraction to women, find a woman you can be truly deep with and be totally open about your bisexuality, some women love this because bisexual men are men who are totally open with there feelings generally but still are sexually attracted to women, and occasionally men, it will be irritating but thats only one possibility, just remember, guys r horny, we fantasize about dating and fucking almost everything, at least i know i did, and sometimes still do, so dont take it to seriously

at least you dont live in the hood like me, i cant even express this less i want to get ridiculed or beat the fuck up, plus im a white boy, so if i can survive this, you sure as hell can, just be strong and realize you will most likely, 80% chance, turn out 100% straight, or you may always have slight attraction to men, rlly who gives a fuck, think about this, the people who make fun of you for your sexuality, would you wanna be there friend? a person that makes fun of WHO YOU ARE? hell fuckin no, its the same thing as droppin a friend who hates you for your hairstyle or how you dress, ignore the haters, cuz the people who embrace your trueself will always be the important people

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