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Default Clichéd problem - but please still help.

*Sigh* Here's the deal. I've been going out with this girl for 7 weeks.
For New Year's weekend, she went to Tenby (100 miles away) to spend it with her family, which i was upset about because of not spending our first new years eve together.

I ended up having a party for close friends but at midnight, me and my best girl friend ended up kissing at midnight. But that's not all my dears. I also said prior to this that she could sleep in my sister's old bed for the night.

When we went upstairs, we started talking on her bed about my relationship with my gf and how i was feeling it lost its spark. My friend told me that she had a crush on me about a week getting together with my gf. I thought i didn't feel the same at the time but over a few weeks i began to wonder if she is more than a friend.

We ended up kissing again in bed (that's all we did though). I felt horrible afterwards because of my gf.

I still do like my gf and at the beginning of our relationship, it was awesome. We were making out like 24/7 and spending loads of time with each other. Now, it feels like she doesnt like me as much as i thought she did and every time i go to kiss her, i feel she's slightly reluctant.

So, should I break up with her or talk to her about where the relationships going? Should I get together with my friend? Should I tell my gf about the kiss? I know some people say honesty's the best policy but I really don't wanna hurt her - she doesn't deserve that.

This problems been getting me stressed for the past few days and its affecting my school work (i have important exams nxt week).
I would really appreciate your help and advice guys and girls
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