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exacly the same thign with parents say i dont have it cuz i spend hours on an online game...btu evan on that i cant stick to 1 thign for very long( i know it sounds stuped) but ill be watchign a show walk away come bak like 3 hours marks have fallen hugelly cuz all i do is day dream...and lol at the messy room u should see mine :0..i have 4 garbage bags and ea like half empty the rest of the garbage on the floor :$
my parents say i cant do anthing about it cuz ive hit puberty and they say once u do u cant go on any pills
but i really dont belive that and hoping i dont have it

and my friend in grade 8...he had add and his teacher siad" james your the only kid i know who does his work in 5 minutes and it will be the exaclly the same answears if you did it in 8 hours" hes a smart kid and gets his work done really faast cuz he knows he wont be able to stand it for long

live fast
die young
have a good looking courpse

dont question by them-me ...still thinking it throu so its like a work in progress and im giving u guys and gals a taste of what i can come up with

set ur mind to it...push ur muscles to the limit...and ur heart will find the glory- also me :$...not very good but i try
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