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Default Projekt: KiroScript

I am composing a new project. This is a script that can interpret itself and I am hoping to one day publish it and make an OS for it
Jus thought I might share it with some lamers, hackers, and lil script kiddies here (are any besides me? )
The following is not even a fourth of what I have scripted, BUT I cannot afford to give my script out... sorry

//This is my newest development: KiroScript
//KiroScript is a script that has absolutely nothing in common with any other scripting
//This is my project and soley mine; no others know about this
//Below is my objects, tags, references, attributes, ids, and forms of KiroScript; this ends my introduction to KiroScript[/size][/color]

|loader\process| &decode(KiroScript="0" ~%="1" if=termination.invalid then=in.memory(or% on.table) {KiroScript.inshort="KS=1"}

|KS_Key-Scripting Soon|

\Value=X \Value=Y {plot.destination.factors(X=~% Y=~%)}
MAKE.table=location "\X=23\Y=23" >begin<
table{app(if=Application*App then=app)} follow.asvalid+allow
ref>alpha( Corp
ref>beta(internalmesh interlacing)="follow.asvalid lacing.basis="KSbinary" lacing.attributes="\allowance=all\CORE" hold.standingdata=follow.asvalid
ref>charlie()=none"1" as.standingdata >end<

MAKE.table=extension "\X=326\Y=427"
Again, this is only a smaaalll portion of what I have already scripted, so do not wonder how the hell Im thinking I MIGHT EVER write an OS based off of that alone

~Tech Junky Kiros

Kiros || Ben

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