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Default My friend

i know this isnt about love but it is a relation ship between my friend

well i seem to have two personalitys...there is this group at school that i hang out with, but my best freind isnt really in this "group" he called me todaya nd said that he is seeing a changg in me, that i act differant around this group of people and he doesnt like it. Its like im the center of attention in the group and he doesnt really fit in with the group. My normal self is kinda geeky so i wouldnt ever act like that at school. I really wana keep my best friend but i like being in this group. The bad thing is im kinda doing to him like my ex-best friend did to me, he changed and drove me away and i dont want that to hapen with my best friend. Please i need advice

oh and i was with this group last year but i have changed for some reason, its like i see the group and my brain flips a switch saying its time to be cool andi dont even notic it
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