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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by hray2k View Post
When I masturbate, I don't get very much pleasure... How do I get more pleasure from masturbating? It usually goes really quick and I don't get to enjoy it as much.
At least half of girls who masturbate have the same problem, because it's very hard for a female to achieve orgasm. However, with time, you'll learn what you like and you need to give yourself time to try different techniques. Everyone has different methods so it's important for you to try to naturally develop your own.

This means trying to forget any specific techniques that you've heard about and just getting to know your body and trying different directions of rubbing or different areas. If that fails, you could always try including lotions or objects (just make sure you're safe and everything is clean and won't harm you).

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