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The linux Screenshot:

That's Ubuntu running Gnome 2.12, which I customized a bit. It's using a vista-like theme that I found on

Basically the same thing ./Skhorpion is using in his screenshot above. Except, I rigged mine to look fancy

I have been using KDE 3.5 for a while, but I'm mainly using Gnome now, because it seems to make things look more polished, and it seems to use a lot less system resources.

Windows Screenshot:

Nope. Not using any 3rd party software. Just a visual theme for XP.

I believe that's it. It looks like it. The original site I got it from doesn't have it anymore for some reason.

Basically, downoad this and extract and run it. It'll patch your Uxtheme.dll (Which allows you to use nonMicrosoft-made themes) and extract that theme you downloaded to the "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes" directory. Somewhere within the directory you just extracted it to, there's a file called "VistaXP" that says "Windows Virtual Theme File" below it. Once you've restarted your computer after installing the Uxtheme patch, just open that VistaXP file, and it should bring up the themes window and allow you to apply it.

- Bill
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