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forgot the most important part about the story

i started on november 25...ended december 23

i put a limit on this build the day i started my plans

the main reason i was building this was for the christmas party at our house this cousin loves drums so it was a drumset in 30 days or less

took 28 days and buy were they painful...mentally

i was ordering all parts ont he some tracking #s and not for others...why?...dont know

i was waiting 2 weeks for all the shiney chrome hardware you all see first...TWO WEEKS!

called the online store and they were on a backorder for the important rims and said they would ship out the stuff they had now and next week would give the 12" rims to me....a week went by and i didnt have a thing....called them at and they said the same thing as last time i called and i,,,,no wont work, im on a serous deadline here and need parts now.......
they ended up giving me better 12" rims that they had in stock free of charge and shipped out for overnight shipping

i was so happy and love the store again

slow loading web page though

it was a crazy month and i didnt sleep much....when i got all the parts in i made the drums in 7 hours and the next day welded and installed the trigger mount brackets
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