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Default Built an electric drum set...its great

Ive been playing drums for a long time now....probably 5-7 years

i used to own a Yamaha DD55 tabletop drum set but i was getting tired of it so i put aside $800 and went to build my very first full scale electric drum set

all my pics are here

Ive never built or played real drums before this so it was a great learning project for me....i think it came out well


the module or "brain" is a Alesis DM5 and was $160 new to me

shells were a great price to me...normally it would cost about $200 for all them and lots of work cutting them smaller i talked to Eric at you get his # and got some cutoffs for a total of $12 shipping included

the finish on the shells...(wood part) is a tung oil...semi gloss applied by a bunch of pre sanding and rags and steel wool
i love how that came out as I'm not too good at woodworking

the cymbals and stands are for an acoustic setup so i put dynomat under all them to stop all noise and put some non skid pad on the top of the play area to keep it quiet.

next was triggers for it all...the triggers are just some piezo electric disks from all electronics, i got about ten 2" ones for a total of $7
try that at radioshack lol

still need to pick up a crate amp but my money is really low at this point....ya think....and i'm not in any need of one soon

my cousin from northern NJ came here for x-mas and loved it...hooked in his crate amp and it sounded awesome

now im looking to get into a band to have some "musical fun"

if anyone knows anyone in Redbank NJ who is looking for a drummer please email me at [email protected]

thanks for your time
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