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Default Re: Couηt To 50,000

50,000 - 9718 = 40,282 more posts to go. oh god.

(this next calculation I'm only 75% sure of. could someone confirm it? I'm doing it at 1:00 in the morning so it is prone to error.)

9718 / 486 = 20 (approx)
40,282 / 20 = 2014 more pages to go (approx)

if you can figure out this code, your a super genus: 010101014241313322215352
honestly, it will take you a good hour, minimum. and you still may never figure it out.
no cheating! figure it out yourself. (at least only with family and friends, don't ask on the internet)
pm me if you figure it out
anyway, hi, i'm bisexual. pm me, i'll talk about pretty much anything.

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