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I've gone like a very long time
the scars are even gone
I have to be just commin out of the shower to see any lines really (I dont scar worth a shit)

....I'm sorry
But I dont get this whole addiction thing
Yea it helps
I've been slicin n dicin for well over a year and slamming my head and arms into walls, doors, desks etc for well over a decade
I like pain
I've got this facination about it
But i'm not addicted to cutting
I can go loooong times without thinkin twice

Bri I saw ur post in the other caledar and...
Bri u need to listen to sum better stuff
use it!!

"I'm a soldier, these shoulder's hold up so much, they won't budge,
i'll never fall or fold up,
i'm a soldier,
even if my collar bone's crush or crumble,
I will never slip or stumble,
i'm a soldier"

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