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The story takes place in a Christian school. The teacher asks
the question, "What part of your body gets to heaven first?"

Three students raise their hand, Jenny, Jim, and little Johnny
in the back. The teacher thinks to herself, "I dont want to
call on Johnny cause he will say something bad."

So she picks on Jenny first who says, "I think your head gets
to heaven first cause you have to be smart."

The teacher then calls on Jim who says, "I think your heart
gets to heaven first cause you gotta have a good heart."

Finally Johnny is the only one with his hand up. The teacher
says to herself "Oh no, I gotta pick Johnny." She picks him and
he says, "I think your feet get to heaven first."

The relieved teacher asks him, "Why on earth do you think your
feet get to heaven first?"

Johnny says, "Cause I walked into my Mom and Dad's room last
night and my mom's feet were straight up in the air and she was
shouting 'Oh God I'm cummin'!'"

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