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Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
look, im short on time i gotta leave to school. but there is no way in hell my principal could lead the fucking nation. theres no way my manager at pottery barn could lead the fucking nation. in no way does being able to handle a couple thousand students qualify you for handling a couple hundred million people. principals very ineffectively "protect people from bullying" like you claim. talk to anyone whose bullied. noone can protect you from that
welll when i use the example of the principal i am using the example from my school where we have an excellent principal who reduced the bullying in my school drasticaly, in comparision to her predesscor who was a fucking tool.

now you go on with "leading a couple of hundred million" are you maybe insunutating that if a country does not have that population they are some way not so important. ireland has 4 million, for our general election we our td's only need a quota, of around 10,000, depending on locality. and for local elections it is around 2000, again depending on area, but that does not make them any less of leaders, and less capable of being good leaders.

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