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Default I should hate you

I should hate you

Something stupid
Something foolish
Something in me is making me
Into the one you want
But you will never notice

While I fly into the mouth of this doorway like a cave, with airplane mobiles like bats and toy cars like rats you rape my mind. Killing the bridges built and tearing through the places no one has ever seen. You’ve succeeded in the impossible and gotten inside while I wasn’t looking. and then abused that new found position. From a whisper to a scream from a hot to a cold as quick as it takes to believe you, it was done.
Now I am broken.
^ made by AtlantaWonder ^

She can\'t remember a time when she felt needed
If love was red then she was color blind
leave me be, while i rot and die, in the corner, under the blanket that you gave me when you lied and told me i ment something
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