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[outburst]god damnit mother fucking bastard bitch i just typed this nice long post and then i click submit and im not logged in, so naturally everything got erased and i have a start over again. what a pain in the fucking ass jesus almighty whore[outburst]

Originally Posted by redcar
it doesnt matter if the woman is a leader of a mass movement or even the pricipal of a school, the size does not make a diference. its the quality. u cant judge the quality of a womans leadership ability by just loooking who had the biggest movement.
ya well.. i kinda um.. can lol

size DOES make a differnce, both when were talking about penises and leaders. how could u possibly say that the the leadership position doesnt matter? are you trying to tell me that the pincipal of my school, whose moral crusade against littering trumps his agenda, is just as special and just as good a leader as a supreme court chief justice? no. thats not right. in a democracy, people elect people whom they want to lead them. the more prominant a leadership position, the more leadership skills a person must have in order to secure the support of the people. the better a leader u are, the more power u will be entrusted to lead with.

my boss at work does in NO WAY equate with lets say the leader of Chevron. u said that u cant judge a person by their leadership role, when determining how good a leader u are. well guess what, you can. i can pretty much guarantee that in an urgent situation, no matter what it may be, the Director of Intelligence of the National Security Administration is more cut out to handle it than the city library manager.

of course your going to say something like this: "oh but george bush, the most powerful man in the entire world, sucks at leading. there is no correlation between how powerful a leader you are and how well you go about doing it". well of course there is a correlation, but its in the eye of the beholder

my history teacher frequently reminds us that "what you see depends on where you stand". if youre a democrat, ur gunna think bush is a bad leader, where if ur a republican ur gunna love him. me and u cant debate on which leaders are important, because what we see depends on where we stand. theres always gunna be disagreements on whats a good leader and a bad leader. but i think we can all agree on one thing.

it takes more skill, whatever skill means, to lead a nation, than it does to lead a track team.
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