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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

There's still a lot of overstatement going on here, not deliberately I'm sure. But to be honest its like having a bunch of guys who've never used a camera giving instructions to a photographic club.

Is there a big deal for uncut guys about retracting the foreskin to pee? No. Not normally, you just flop your dick out and pee. Some guys may have extra long foreskins, and because things aren't always exactly the same down there sometimes you're foreskin comes further over the head of your penis than others, those time you might need to ease it back a little, just enough. There's absolutely no need to pull it all the way back so the head's completely uncovered, I dont think anyone does that. Most times its just point & pee.

Same with the washing business. Its no big deal. When you take a bath wash your dick. I would like to think the cut guys do that too.

Totally agree with Sam's last paragraph above, maybe in the states some girls prefer cut because its what they're more familiar with, here in europe my guess is that its the other way round.
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