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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by nexus1727 View Post
Im far so good (wouldnt know if there's really a difference in pleasure although read a lot of articles that say pleasure's the same)

however, i have a cpl of questions. I always hear that cut is "cleaner" and uncut boys have to always clean up..Can some1 please clarify on that?
- why is it that u have to clean and how often?
- and is it true that if u were uncut, u would have to retract the foreskin every time you go to the toilette?
- also, is it true that the majority of girls prefer uncut cz its "cleaner" for them too?

I don't like the term 'cleaner' b/c it's subtly judgemental (not a diss on you, it's used a lot). But, b/c the foreskin folds over the end of the penis (in most cases), during urination, the urine makes contact with the foreskin on it's way out. So, there's a bit of residual wetness from the urine, which can produce an odor. Likewise, b/c the foreskin covers the penis with just a small opening at the tip, there's not much air circulating, so sweat and the normal exfoliating skin cells collect under there, creating an odor, and smegma. So, when you hear that uncut guys need to retract when urinating, as well as retract in the shower to wash daily, that's what they mean.

Uncut guys should retract when they urinate, not only does it minimize the 'back wash' of urine that can cause an odor, but also (and more importantly) the retraction prevents tightness later on when the penis grows in puberty.

I have never heard that girls 'prefer' one over the other. Although it might be based on what they're accustomed to, or previous experience, in serious relationships, girls really focus on the person, not their penis, and accept whatever you've got.
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