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Originally Posted by redcar
i am sorry being phsyically strong place no part in an election. i'll give you an example, and dont start slagging ireland, but one of our greatest ever leaders Eamon de Valera was president at the age of 91. the oldest head of state in th world at the time, so physical strenght doenst play a role.

i agree martin luther king was a great leader, however women went through a similar movement, lead by suffragists and suffragettes, they fought for the vote. these women died for the vote. they were lead by strong women in male environment fought for their rights and won. this shows how good leaders women are.
i conceed to you that physical strength plays no part in being a good leader in your case. however, i can think of many examples where physical strength is REQUIRED to be a good leader--the army.

the difference between the woman's suffrage movement and blacks striving for equality is that woman werent discriminated against. now hold on now before u say "bullshit u know they were!". not in the same way. blacks werent even considered people, women were just considered homemakers (and they accepted that for a long time). the womans suffrage movement wasnt as momentous as the "all men created equal under god" movement. plus, off the top of my head i can name martin luther king because you KNOW hes one of the greatest leaders of all time. i cant think of a woman suffrage leader who i would consider one of the greatest leaders of all time.
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