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yes it does, because being physically strong plays a big part in running for election for any leadership postion. do you think a 90 year old woman who lives off of a respirator could run for president, no matter how brilliant she is? of course not. you have to be strong, you have to have a voice, and u need to be able to take a stage.

u try and give an excuse as to why women arent leaders today, that theyre "just starting to be recognized as equal". thats an excuse, if there was a good leader, nothings stopping that person from leading (regardless of whether their considered equal)

heres an example. back in the 50s, blacks were second class citizens. they werent just second class citizens, they werent even considered to be human beings under the constituion. yet lo and behold, martin luther king. one of the greatest leaders of all time. he became one of the greatest leaders of all time under the most severe prejudice and discrimination. no amount of 'inequalness' stopped him from kicking ass, and NO amount of 'inequalness' is stopping women from leading. if there was a good woman leader out there, she would become a leader. but there ARENT many. u cant use the "oh but they arent treated as equal and given as much opportunites" excuse, because martin luther king totally shatters it.
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