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Sounds like you already have bulemia and by the picture in your avatar you look very very very VERY underweight . . . and so what if you are overweight? Please explain what will happen if over the next y ear you gain 5 pounds? This is stunting your growth by the way so if you want to be ohh i dunno 5'6'' your whole life then go ahead

By the way if you keep doing it , your body will start to do it automatically and you will never quit . . oh and enjoy yellow teeth too! Oh and your stomach will start to decay because your body will try to put out more acid to prevent you from throwing up all the food so it can digest it before you throw up, but it wont suceed and your stomach will be eaten by its own acids

oh and along with your throat too

Sorry to be mean but the truth hurts. . you cant just start being normal again but stop puking and eat less if you think it is too much . . then start working your way up k?
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