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Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
ya, but ahve they? no, they have not. not since ancient times, and still not today. women arent aggressive enough to pursue such positions as leader of a country. men are much more aggressive. example: men are found to do better on multiple choice tests than girls do, regardless of who actually knows more. the deal is that the boys will guess aggressivly, in situations where girls are too timid to guess. because of the multiple choice nature, boys do better. since the early days in the neanderthall age, the men were in control of everything, becuase women were incapable. traces of this are still found today
the only reason they are not in more power is because women in western civilisation have only been recognised as equals in modern times and have only been allowed take part in elections etc.

i think that men being more agressive than women is beside the point because both sexes have different attributes that can help them lead, and make them good leaders.

the only reason they were like that in neanderthall times was because women are physically weaker, they were put down. but because of someones physical strenght, or lack of, it does not make them any less capable of being leaders.

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