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Originally Posted by ///James///
well go on then wise guy, name the countries of the world and the leaders who have a non-curropt status aswell as having a male in power. there may be more then 3 countries sure, but jesus there isnt too many (keep in mind you will be naming african, asia and even some new-european countires)
corruption doesnt have anything to do with it, nor can it analyzed objectively because everyones opinion on the matter differs. here ill give you an example. alex thinks george bush is corrupt, politically wrong and insane. i dont.

so now what? i cant just name people who i think are corrupt because u will disagree with me, and even if i WERE to name names, and even if we WERE to come to a consensus, you would still end up with more than 3 EFFECTIVE male leaders.

also, if u already acknowledge there will be more effective male leaders than 3, whats the point?
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