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Originally Posted by ///James///
Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
james what makes u think i give a shit whether u think im sexist or not. as nick pointed out, becomming a leader requires skills. if women had better leadership skills, there would be more women leaders. but there isnt because they dont. thats why men are better leaders
there would be more woman leaders if woman wernt tied down by sexist and segreating (sp?) leaderships. Saudi arabia is one, Kuwait is another. Woman cant go on the street without following strict rules. Do you seriously think that in a second a woman will become a leader of the country? NO
stop trying to tackle the aspects of religion. thats how their culture is. women are treated poorly, but only in our eyes. women who live in muslim countries dont mind the fact that they arent allowed to vote or drive cars. thats just how those people operate. we may think theyre treating women poorly, in comparison to our own culture, but in their culture the women have no problem with how they are being treated because it follows the rules of their religion

there are more countries in the world than saudi arabia and kuwait. how come there are so few women leaders in so many countires? uve so far listed 3 countries with women leaders. thats um... a breathtaking 1.56%
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