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Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
james what makes u think i give a shit whether u think im sexist or not. as nick pointed out, becomming a leader requires skills. if women had better leadership skills, there would be more women leaders. but there isnt because they dont. thats why men are better leaders
there would be more woman leaders if woman wernt tied down by sexist and segreating (sp?) leaderships. Saudi arabia is one, Kuwait is another. Woman cant go on the street without following strict rules. Do you seriously think that in a second a woman will become a leader of the country? NO

Not every country in the world is free. Men rule most of the world. Men may also rule most of the free world, but they are not nessicary good leaders. If there were more "free" countries, there would be more female leaders

And as for woman being able to tackle wars ect. Well I heard on the TV once before that a country with a female leader is less likly to be at risk of attck or has a better chance of avoiding war becouse the government sees the country as a woman. its all do to with the mind. You can say about Maggie Tatcher in the UK with the Fawklands. She fought it, and she won. There was lots of controversy surrounding it but the end result was she won. If more woman were in charge of wars there may be more results like this. See you must also considder that a leader isnt a leader by them selves. They have advisors, ministers, spin-doctors, press secretaries and representitves. They have all that brain power. They just head it

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