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Originally Posted by ThUnDeR View Post
idk why he would lie like that and make such a good book and to ahve so much evidence like the hospital family ect.

w.e im just gonna stop talking now XD
I think you somewhat answered your own question: he lies about it, makes a good book and gets some nice money.

The alternatives include him being on a hallucinogen of some sort, having a disorder causing hallucinations, being given certain medications by the doctors/nurses at the hospital, etc... . Having the hospital records are useful only to indicate his condition and any medications they may have given him. The family is only useful for similar reasons and to give evidence of his beliefs. However, neither of them can back up his story of what he claims to have seen. So the entire book is based on the assumption that he's not lying because you're going mostly by his word and nothing else.

If you're just going to believe in god mainly because of that guy's book then anytime anyone writes some fancy book and links it to a god/goddess, then according to you, you'd probably believe in it.

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