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Okay first of all Matts not sexist the dude loves to debate and this is a touchy subject so its pefect for him

Men are not better then women when it comes to politics
This isnt ancient greece
Its not all about war now...unfortunatly
we had fire back then

...anyway A girl is just as good as a guy when it comes to politics
Tecnically speaking if you looked at the way the male and female brain developed there better for politics then men
Men can focus on one task allot better then women but women can see and monitor the big picture better then guys. Girls can communicate better, they talk more, can learn languages easier (thats why girls start talkin at a younger age then boys) etc..

Guys are better at war though
we can focus better
can take more external pain
guys can see 3D objects and maps inthere head easier thats why were better at finding out where we are n stuff...yea
its even been proven that its easier for guys to detach from emotions

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