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ok, i am telling you this because i think it might help you. not, i repeat, NOT because i am trying to be mean to you or get you do do anything to harm yourself.

stop being so melodramatic.

that means overly dramatic...for exapmle saying that noone cares about you because you are being teased and your bf broke up with you.

being melodramatic and making your problems seem bigger than they are just makes things worse.

a loser guy and some dumbass girls shouldnot warrent killing yourself.

sorry babe, but life gets even harder and you have to learn from the not so pleasent, before everything else comes in at once. do you get what i'm saying? take this bad time as a learning experiance and grow from it...dont give up. the worse thing you could ever do is give up. trust me, i would know

sorry for the tough love thing here - its just hard to see ppl ruining their chances of something better
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