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Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
congratualtions, in the world of 6 billion people, 50 women have done something. this is almost insulting that u have to make a list, because it shows that without a list i wouldnt be able to think up any women examples on my own (which i cant). ur stupid. there are more men leading more things in more powerful positions, and u know it
your the most sexist person i have ever come across in my life. like seriosuly, times are changing. if that list was compiled in the 1996 or so, it would be much less. What do you really think, that in order for woman to be better they have to control EVERYTHING? You have a bad opinion of everything if thats the way you think. So what if there is only a couple of female leaders in the world; how about how many male leaders in the world? How many of the males are curropt or are the ones who call for torture and killing; then weigh it up with the woman? I seriously don't think that the President of Ireland or the PM of New Zeland would be doing Saddam style killings?

Just becouse of numbers being greater doesnt mean they are good honest leaders. Quality not quantity boy

yeesh talk about taking gay to the extreme

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