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Default Losing it all...

Recently I have become really good friends with a girl that I have been sorta friends with since like august...well her and I got caught drinking together and we both got grounded and stuff. Well, now her friends are like blaming me for her mistakes and they are harassing me like no other...It's really making me feel horrible. I guess you could say i'm really sensitive... Well, I went to my mom and told her about the harassing and she just said that maybe they should have taken away my internet also for the drinking cuz they were gonna do that but they didn't...Well I went to her cuz I just wanted a little sympathy and stuff..but she just said that...and she also talked about consequences and stuff...well I'm starting to feel like nobody cares... I had a boyfriend a few days ago and he made me actually feel good about myself for once...but then he broke up with me and acted like we were never going out in the first place and I lost all self respect then...then all this harassing stuff happened and I am starting to think that I don't need to live anymore...I just don't feel like anyone cares...not even my own mother. I really just don't know what to do anymore...I'm just losing it and I really need help but I dunno what to do. I have a therapist that I go see and I take an antidepressant but I haven't taken it for the past two days and I don't wanna take it nemore cuz I don't want no stupid happy pill! I'm really sorry for wasting this post...I guess I just needed to rant...I just want to die... And I wish someone would just shoot me so I wouldn't have to do it myself...Is that too much to ask for? I'm really sorry if this is in the wrong place...I haven't posted much on these forums so I'm really sorry if it is in the wrong place or if I did something else wrong with this post...
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