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Baker, humans did not evolve from monkies. Monkies and homo-sapiens evolved from a similar species. Humans evolved from homo-eructus, I believe, and monkies evolved from something else. Evolution takes time, single-celled to multicelled and etc(I find this hard to believe as well, but I don't know much about evolution, so that's why.)

Now to astronomy, my favorite. A planet is made from the debris of a star that had a super-nova. We can observe planets being made today. I forgot how water came to the Earth, so I'll try my hardest to remmember. Ok, so, we have this hot-newly formed planet that has volcanoes erupting and being pelted by meteors and possibly another planet. If I am correct, all the ash in the air is carbon-dioxide and shit, I forgot.

Well, the mountains is easy to explain, plate techtonics.
Everything is like it is because all the matter was stored in an egg before the Big Bang(this is the theory, well, one of them.) Once the egg-like thing just exploded all the matter was realeased and inflation spread all the matter over the universe faster than the speed of light. We know the universe is still expanding to this day.

And please, just because you don't believe something, don't call it bullshit. I don't like when people call the Bible bullshit because I am Christian and I know people who believe in evolution and such(such as I) do not like it being called bullshit.

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