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okthis might be a bit confusing but this is my side of religeon...... i beleive in god for many reasons 1. how did everything apear like it did... the big bang theory is a bit of bull shit too me really ok we have to rocks slam into eachother and create a earth! with land and mountains and water and plants yea right.. next lets talk bout eveolution that is bull shit too.. ur telling me that i eveoved from a fish? yea okay.. and we also eveoved from monkeys? i dont think so. i have a question for everyone why dont we see anything evolving now like we never see anymore monkeys turn into humans . i no it takes millions of years but mankind has been here for a while so dont you think we would have seen somthin evolve by now??? and like how are all our organs working???? really oka right single cell organsm ... SYKEEE also think of all the people who have died and brought back too life. what did they say. they said they saw LIGHT! and even this one guy wrote a book bout it click here too seee the book okay so that is my main reason why i believe in god XD

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