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Originally Posted by ./Skhorpion
Originally Posted by habook3
The HD was like $150, and it's now sitting on my desk having overcome accidental bios deletions and mobo screws that were very stubborn.

your harddrive doesnt have a bios or mobo screws

and if you meant your motherboard then A. if you delete the bios your motherboard is trash and B. your using the wrong size screws
no no no no no as in the hard drive was $150 and now the system is sitting on my desk having overcome blah blah blah. It meant that I'd finished moving it. Entire system: Approx. $1300

AND the bios was cleared, I wasn't specific enough. As in I had to reenter the system time and boot drive priority and junk. Two seperate things, I kind of mushed them together. I've never been very specific about how I type things. And the mobo screws were in the mobo, nothing to do with the hd.

AND I still wasn't clear enough. I already had everything running in a difft case, this is the new case that I'm moving the stuff into. The mobo screws were stripped and wouldn't come OUT of the ORIGINAL standoffs in the OLD case. So much so that I had to take a hammer to it (the other side of the case with the mobo plate behind it to get the standoffs out so I could get the screws out of them easier.


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