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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by kslim View Post
i have a problem.... i get good but when it should exit it never does.
IF your talking about ejaculating, your body is probably just not developed enough to begin sperm production, so you have "dry" orgasms.

Take advantage of these while you can.

Originally Posted by mrbak3r View Post
i dont understand what you are trying to say.... but i think i have an idea. you cant get to the climax of your orgasm and you cant cum???? idk if thatsw what your askin but..... if it is how bout you try too try different teqniques and do stop and go.. go to
Or he simply is not developed enough.

Been here on VT so long,
my clothes are starting to rot.
8 Years and counting
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