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Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
Originally Posted by redcar
ok i am just going off the top of my head here,
prime minister of new zealand: woman
chancellor of germany: woman
president of ireland: woman

these were all voted into office fair and square. and they are very good leaders.
dude... those jobs dont like require real leaders. new zealand? pft who knows about them. im sure a ten year old could run things smoothly in new zealand. and james, u kept referring to the leader of ireland being in a position of power.... ya right. id feel more empowered if i owned a doughnut shop than if i lead IRELAND as;dlfkjasdf

hang on wats wrong with leading ireland, some 4 million people?

and wat are you saying those jobs dont require real leaders? the chancellor of germany is the leader of the government the person who is in charge. and being leader of germany is something that requires real leadership.

and who are you to say that a ten year old could run new zealand. sorry if its not as big and as powerful as the usa, but it is still a country, and leading it requires some skill.

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