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Originally Posted by Se7en
Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
pft there are like NO woman leaders in power, and thats because noone will vote them in power because everyone knows how much of a bad leader they would be
that was a very sexist dare you say that they arent woman leaders because they would do a bad job...that is extremely sexist...Do you just cross every fuckin line you see because in your world everything is right.
you know, if it wasnt for having a female president in Ireland (Mary Robinson/Mary McAleese), and having a female Northern Ireland secretary Of State (Mo Mowlam R.I.P.); Ireland would currently be one of the most fucked up nations in Europe? Funny how our current president won in pretty much a landslide.

So ya, there are no woman in power, yep. So thats what drinking cola and watching Fox News does to you!

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