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Originally Posted by r0x0row3nd
thats happened to me be4 my mom walked in and i was sooooo close to getting layed but then she had to climb out my escape ladder thing back on topic ....... well.. it might not even happen untill ur like..... 16 or 17 thats when 1 of my sisters (19) got to 2nd whitch she told me and i really really REALLY did not need to know i have nightmares so it depends really ya i got kicked out of a movie theater makin out with my gf lol it was fun and a crappy movie 2 it was narnia fucking girl cried in every single scene or was about to cry it was 2 corny
Haha. I begged my mom not to take me to that movie. and well i havnt been in a relationship yet. so I guess listen to the other people.
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