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Default Re: Blowjob Virginity

Originally Posted by manlyhood1
is it against the bible to get a blow job from a girlfriend is it losing your virginity if you get a blowjob
I'm sure the Bible bans everything at some point. It's really dangerous to get the messages on sexuality confused with what the Bible "says". There are many different interpretations of it.

People should be made more aware that the Bible is not black and white on most things. Various issues crop up again and again which are frankly brutal in today's society. The book of Exodus is a fine example. Yet, these parts of the Bible are largely disregarded. How is that so?

Others have different interpretations of Bible passages. For example, how the Bible simultaneously both allow and not allow there to be women priests/reverends/vicars/etc?

You haven't really lost your virginity if you have a blowjob. But you will have had some kind of sex. Oral sex is still sex. You'll have lost your "oral virginity". You'll never have oral sex for the first time again. Hence, it is a form of virginity.

Have fun.
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