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Default Re: I am really confused about sex!

Originally Posted by *Naughty* *Girl*
I really like this guy and we have dated but we broke up we like eachother and he wants to have sex i wanna but im not sure if i should he has a gf..... he says he is coming to my house sat and bringing condoms.... should i? P.S- i am 14 and all my friends have already done it but that doesnt matter.. right?
Are you sure your friends have already done it? Do they have proof of it?

Be careful. This is an issue so many young adults lie about to big themselves up. You shouldn't think you have to have sex just to impress your friends, who may or may not have had sex anyway despite what they say.

You say that he has another girlfriend? If so, then you really shouldn't be thinking of sleeping with someone like this. It sounds like little more than he wants to use you. It really doesn't hurt to wait longer; it's far better to wait for the right person.

That said, if you are going to have sex, don't expect much. And like you say, don't forget to use a condom.
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