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Sorry but there is nothing you can do to prevent a hangover .. however there is a type of medication (non-prescriptioned) that you can get that reduces hangovers the next day.

A hangover is more or less your body trying to repair itself from the damage that is done from alchohol . . . I would find it abnormal if that happened.

I can give you one solution . . don't drink!

Hangovers are mostly the reason why marijuana has become more popular with teens and adults: they believe that because there is no hangover, or side effects, that there is no harm done, but quiet the opposite: the body cannot repair the damage that was done and simply allows it to happen.

Moral of the lecture: Don't drink until you are mature enough to decide how much is enough, and don't do drugs . . mkay.

OMMGGGG Was that a whole post without a typo!1/?1?1/???

Geez i feel like im the only one that pays attention in health class [/sarcasm]
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