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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

well i am bi and i found out 1 of my old freinds thats 15 jn going on 16 ust to experament on me well he was mail and i liked it but then i saw this rly hot girl and iv liked her since like primary school (Tessa) shes well fit enny way i just relisd this year cos i cant be gay cos i rly like girls but i cant be str8 bcs i c a lot of fit boys all the time and cant help watching them when im in the changing rooms ther r some hot boys but not a lot and i don't get hard in the changing rooms i dn how even tho i was staring at this guy geting drest heas well fit and heas forn but i will never tell my mum that I am bi I don't no what she'l say iv not told enny 1 yet so I'm so scared if some 1 finds out (sorry about SP speling aint my cup of tea) but

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